Get to Know the Differences between a Spec Home Vs Custom Home

Spec Home Vs Custom Home

Learn about the different types of home we build, from for-sale spec homes to fully custom homes that you design with us.

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Spec Home Vs Custom Home

At Embarq Signature Homes, we can build you a fully custom single-family
home and we also build a handful of homes with our latest design concepts in
mind. And a question we often get asked is, what is the difference between a
spec home vs custom home?

Different Types of Homes

Spec Home

spec home (short for speculative) is a home we build from one of our pre-designed floorplans, choosing finishes to show the public what we can do on both the interior and the exterior. Spec homes are often used as models but are also for sale to prospective homebuyers. Specs are great because the guesswork is done for you, and we have experience building our available plans. You can often move-in right away, as these homes are sold completely finished, no waiting on construction, and you can maximize the bang for your buck by purchasing without the customization processes. Our experienced team choosing the finishes also ensures a cohesive, beautiful interior, perfect for the buyer who might not want to put together a design themselves. The price on these homes is set, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses or going over budget. Check out our available spec homes online here, and check in for updates on homes we have going up.

Semi-Custom Home

Our build-to-suit or “semi-custom” homes involve taking one of our plans, or one you bring to us, and working with the client to make it theirs based on finishes. In addition to finish selection, you can move walls, doors, or roof lines, and you can eliminate bedrooms and add covered decks, etc. This option is also great because you can see an example of your home plan and visualize it before you make the decisions, and it gives you more decision-making power. It also allows you to make a home your own, without being overwhelmed by boundless options. Building semi-custom homes can provide more clarity on price since we’ve been building our home plans for a while, and we have plenty of finish options for our 13 home plans fit to suit any interest. Another advantage of this option is the opportunity to build on land you already own or choose your perfect lot within the greater Des Moines metro area. We have select homesites available and we are more than willing to help you find your dream lot.

 Fully Custom Home

The final option is a fully custom home – when you give us your dreams and ideas from your head or a piece of paper and we help you bring them to life from scratch. This is our favorite kind of build! You get to be part of the entire process, you make all the choices, and you end up with a one-of-a-kind home that is unique to you and built by our expert team. Building with us is a four-part process; consultation and initial design, planning and building, input and review, and the final walkthrough and appeal. We guide you through the whole process with constant communication, keeping you in the driver’s seat of your home’s progress while we work with our select trade partners to make sure your home is as perfect as it can be. Building a fully custom home with Embarq is perfect for the buyers who have a dream they want to realize or for the buyer with specific needs looking for a forever home

Our team has decades of experience with building homes. We love what we do and love adding buyers to the Embarq family. We invite you to interview us to see if we are the perfect fit for your home dreams! We encourage you to check us out online and on our socials to learn more about us or see examples of our spec home vs custom home. Or you can reach out through our contact form, we would love to connect.e

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