The Embarq Build Process Simplified

Custom Home Building Process - What Is The Process Of Building A Custom Home

Learn about the Embarq Signature Homes build process.

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Custom Home Building Process - What Is The Process Of Building A Custom Home

Aerial view of an Embarq Build - What Is The Process Of Building A Custom Home


Building a custom home takes a specific vision, a great partnership between the builder and homeowner and most importantly, a simple process to guide everyone through all the steps and phases of the build. Boasting an experienced team, Embarq Signature Homes specializes in custom single-family homes in ranch, 1.5, and two-story home styles. In most cases, the prices will range from $600,000 up to $1.5 million depending on location, finishes and the square footage of the home. The homebuilding process at Embarq is a detailed, yet simple, four-step process designed for the buyer to follow as the home reaches completion.


What is the Process of Building a Custom Home?


Consultation and Initial Design

Before framing, cost estimates, and design, the team at Embarq sits down with you to understand your vision. During the consultation, the buyer learns about the custom homebuilding process, and it is an opportunity for the buyer to get to know the team, and vice versa. The team will talk through the vision for the home, any design preferences, your timeline, our timeline, and our collective goals. As a fully custom homebuilder, Embarq will work with you on your lot layout, material preferences and schematics. If you have a floorplan already and a lot to build it on, the field team review and provide feedback on any possible modifications. Our experienced team can also draw a specialized plan for you and help you find a lot at one of our premier lot locations throughout the metro area.   Buyers will walk away from this meeting with a detailed outline of their future home, what it will take from a budgetary perspective and a timeline of the build.  


Planning and Building

After the initial consultation, Embarq will finalize the floor plan and all of the custom design features of your home in a contract agreement. At this point, we obtain the appropriate bids and permitting, and the buyer secures financing, and the real work begins. The building process varies depending on the design of your home, and of course the time of year, but our goal is to complete homes within six months of breaking ground. 


Input and review

This is a critical step of the build. As the various stages progress – framing, electrical, drywall, exterior and interior finish – the buyer will be able to actually see the progress being made. Buyers have access to a personal portal that will contain updates, approval and denial access, and any questions that come up during the construction. Buyers are welcome to visit the build site throughout the build alongside an Embarq team member.  


Final Walkthrough and Approval

This is by far the best part of Embarq’s easy building process. During the final walkthrough, homeowners will approve of all the home’s finishes and all the remaining tasks. After this, our team works with you and your lender to arrange closing, and it’s only a short time until move-in day. Final touches and updates are made to ensure it’s perfect for move-in day. Then the keys are handed over to a brand-new custom home!  

Embarq’s custom homebuilding process is really that easy. The Embarq team will keep you and your custom single-family homes in Des Moines on top of mind throughout the entire build and promises to communicate any changes that need to be made along the way.  

Interested in learning more about Embarq or checking out the fully customizable plans we have available? Feel free to fill out a contact form to reach out and we will help you get started on your dream home!  

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